Background information


• Name: “Lutrija Crne Gore AD”, founded in 1960.

• Address:  PC Krusevac , Rimski trg br. 50 81000 Podgorica, Montenegro

• Place:  Podgorica, Montenegro

• ID Number: 02019230

• Code and activities: 9200; gambling, betting, games of chances, manufacturing of equipment for the previously specified

   activities and services

• Board of directors:  President: Sava Grbović, members: Branislav Radulović, Zoran Todorović

• Executive Director: Nebojša Božović

• Number of Employees: On May 1st 2017. – 145 employees organized in sectors – departments, with 20 facilities in


• Annual business report: positive

• Auditor: “Racio - Mont“ d.o.o. – Kolašin

• Joint Stock Company has no layouts in foreign countries.

• Business Banks:Hipotekarna Banka, Crnogorska Komercijalna Banka a.d. Podgorica, Prva Banka Crne Gore Podgorica

Brief summary:

• Lottery of Montenegro was established in 1960. as a national enterprise, which, during the previous period, has changed its

   organizational and ownership status. On May 1st 2017 it operates as joint-stock company.

• Lottery is leader in organizing games of chances in Montenegro and it is registered for:

   a) Organizing games of chances

   b) Organizing special games of chances

   c) Production and broadcasting TV program

   d) Organizing other activities ;

   production and  sales of machines for games of chances

   training of employees, sales and other services connected with this activity.

• Lottery of Montenegro is a founder of Association of lottery organizations in Southeastern Europe (members are ex-

   Yugoslav countries, but it is opened for Lottery organizations from other countries as well). A new lottery game is expected

   to start on this regional basis. 

Structure of ownership on May 1st 2017

• Mr. Sava Grbovic – 42.71%

• Flash & As – 50.99%

• Private individuals and legal entities- 6.30%

Concession Contracts:

• The contract for organizing lottery games until the end of 2016 year.(Lottery; express and instant lottery; Bingo; TV raffle;

   Loto; Keno; Sports prognostics; Toto; additional games on Loto and Toto; Video Lottery; Fonto and other similar games of

   chance with drawing)

• The contract for organizing special games of chance on slot machines and electronic roulettes in the slot machine clubs (20

   slot machine clubs with 275 gaming seats)

• The contract for organizing games of chance through the internet and other telecommunication equipment (it lasts until

   the end of 2016.)  

• The licence for organising games of chance through the TV media,through our own channel 777 ( the opportunity for

   organising all the kinds of Lottery Games of Chance )

• The Lottery has it’s own channel 777 (our own production for games of chance needs. The studio is in a phase of



• Lotto 7/33 ( drawing 2 times a week)

• Lotto 7/36 (drawing 2 times a week)

• Lotto 7/39 ( drawing 2 times a week)

• Lotto 7/42 (drawing 2 times a week)

• Lotto 7/21 (drawing once in a month)

• Toto

• Sports prognostics

• Instant lottery

• Lucky balls

TV 777

• TV 777 is among the youngest media in Montenegro, having started to emit its signal since December the 1st in 2008.

• For a very short period TV 777 differentiated with its program content including sports entertainment, games of

   chance,culture,music,medicine and the like. The project of TV 777 was initiated with an idea to provide something

   new, unusual and entertaining to Montenegrin public.


• On December the 1st 2008. the Radio Diffusion Agency issued a license to the Lottery Montenegro as a founder and   

   a holder of a legal subjectivity of TV 777 for emission and broadcasting the radio and diffusion signals . In such way the

   TV 777 has acquired the programming rights – RDA license N0 TV-13-D.

• On July 21st, 2011. the Agency for Electronic Media granted an approval for broadcasting general TV program  to

   Lottery Montenegro where the TV 777 acquired the status of a broadcaster as well as the right to broadcast its

   program via electronic communication networks without using radio-diffusive frequencies – License No:O-TV-K-08.

• On December 29th, 2014. an Agency for Electronic Media prolonged an approval to broadcast its program via

   electronic communication networks without using radio-diffusive frequencies by virtue of Resolution on  

   Amendments on License No: O-TV-K -8 for a period of 15 years, that is until 2029.


• Keeping up with the technology development and innovation within the domain of the games of chance, the Lottery  

   Montenegro has recognized the importance of media . In that regard, the Lottery Montenegro initiated its own

   corporative television being of educative, entertaining and sports character- TV 777.

• The driving force of TV is young people, eager and capable to contribute to a quite different perspective on media in

   Montenegro through their own vision and  creative attitude.

• Being an initiator of other projects of public interest , the Lottery Montenegro has also founded the first sports

   magazine in Montenegro “ARENA” in collaboration with daily press “Pobjeda.”


• It could be said that TV 777 largely  succeeded in its efforts which confirm many prizes, acknowledgments and

   expressions of gratitude that many institutions from different spheres of life, sports associations, clubs and    

   individuals have granted to this media during last five years.

• TV 777 employs mainly young people of average age around 30, which confirms Montenegrin Oscar, a prize granted

   to companies that employ young people.

• The Lottery Montenegro has awarded its loyal players for decades. From that reason, inter alia, the aim was to

   present the Lottery games of chance via media and at the same time to be the guidance to good entertainment, 

   money, as well as a high-quality program.


• After many international and national prizes  among which a prize for business excellence and performance,

   acknowledgments for image and quality leadership, acknowledgments for state-of-the-art technical and technological

   achievements granted from International Committee for Science and Technology in Madrid  ( 2006) distinguished, the

   Lottery Montenegro was granted international certificate for business excellence and achievements granted by

   Evaluation Committee Global trade Leaders’ Club with head office in Madrid.



• Business leadership and quality in products certificates

• International certificate for state-of–the-art technical and technological achievements granted by International

   Committee for Science and Technology from Madrid which consists of the world prominent companies within the    

   field of games of chance (2006).

• Innovation Certificate along with the Certificate on Foundation of Association of Lotteries from Southeastern Europe

   consisting of ex-Yugoslav lottery organizations with a view to expanding the market and development of games of


• Montenegrin Oscar for employing the young people – cc 350 employees under the age of 28 ( 2012).


• Lottery Montenegro as a legal entity initiated and participated in numerous humanitarian activities. Lottery joint

   stock company assisted financially to overcome difficulties caused by adverse weather conditions and railway


• It provides permanent aid to undeveloped municipalities, public institutions for socially handicapped persons, public

   institutions for mentally disabled children, sports improvements and other social needs . In that regard, the Lottery

   Montenegro allocated over 700000 EUR from its own fund for such purposes.

• In collaboration with jackpot winner in the 73rd cycle of the games of chance Loto 7/33 ( 2013) Lottery formed a

   fund in the amount of 10.000 EUR where the funds were allocated to institutions and organizations ,registered on the

   territory of Montenegro, that assist and accommodate  children deprived of parental care or disabled children and


• These facts indicate that each public enterprise in Montenegro must operate on the corporate social responsibility


NGO Association of gambling providers - AGP

• NGO Association of gambling providers was established with a view to enhance activities before state institutions,

   enforcing regulations, respecting the rights of players, contributing in creating systemic solutions and measures of

   economic policy within the field of games of chance as to reach the higher degree of fulfilling public interest.


• Responsible provision of games of chance with competition strengthening, regulations compliance along with

   realizing socially useful and public interest.

• Public interest within the field of games of chance reflects in generating and raising the revenues within the field

   aimed at fulfilling the needs arising from socially-humanitarian activities, protection of mental health as well as for

   program activities of the youth.

• If it hadn’t been for the AGP advocacy, the Law contrary to the public interest would have happened to be multiplied

   as well.

• AGP also contributed to mitigate the consequences by adverse weather impact , where it allocated from its own pool

   the funds on January 13, 2013. as a relief to those who were endangered by concerned circumstances.

Loto 7/33:

Loto 7/36:
  • 2
  • 5
  • 6
  • 8
  • 26
  • 29
  • 32

Loto 7/39:
  • 1
  • 2
  • 13
  • 15
  • 25
  • 33
  • 35

Loto 7/42:
  • 7
  • 9
  • 11
  • 15
  • 21
  • 32
  • 39

Loto 7/21
  • 9
  • 5
  • 8
  • 13
  • 21
  • 10
  • 19
  • 11